Welcome to Rubies Math with Mrs. Harrington


                          Welcome to the Rubies Team and thank-you for taking the time to review my web page.
               I am looking forward to an exciting and learning filled year in 6th grade mathematics!
                 Our 6th grade math curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards.  
             If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I welcome e-mail at [email protected].
              I read and respond to all e-mails promptly.  You can also leave a message with the front office at 782-6223
              and I will return your phone call.

The following are the units of study under the 6th grade Common Core:

Unit 1.1 : Factors, multiples and decimal computations

Unit 1.2: Rates and Ratios

Unit 1.3: Division of Fractions

Unit 2.1:  Identify, Write and Evaluate Expressions

Unit 2.2:  Variables in the real world

Unit 2.3:  Simplifying Algebraic Expressions through Properties of Operations

Unit 3.1:  Solving Equations

Unit 3.2:  Rational Numbers

Unit 3.3:  Rational Numbers on the Coordinate Plane

Unit 4.1:  Polygons and Area (Taught in Problem Solving class)

Unit 4.2:  Surface Area and Volume (Taught in Problem Solving class)

Unit 4.3:  Statistics and Probability

GRADING : Grades will be based on the following: test/quizzes, projects/classwork, and homework completion.
Parents are strongly encouraged to use Skyward to monitor class grades and the Ruby Team homework page to monitor homework.

The following list of websites can be used at home for extra practice and as a resource: