Music Mentor Program Donation

Harmony in Education: Broad Rock Middle School's Music Mentor Program Strikes a Chord with Local Support
Posted on 11/13/2023
BRMS Music MentorBroad Rock Middle School is excited to announce a significant boost to its Music Mentoring Project with a generous donation of $2000 from South Kingstown Elks Lodge 1899. This partnership not only showcases the community's dedication to the arts but also exemplifies the power of collaboration in fostering the growth of young musicians.

Chris Hiener of the Elks Lodge, a parent whose daughters went through the music program, expressed his motivation for supporting the initiative: "Both of my daughters went through the music program, the music program impacted both of my daughters, and I thought it would be a great thing to do." He highlighted the transformative impact of the music program on his own family and emphasized the importance of supporting initiatives that positively influence students.

"We do all kinds of programs for the community, anything that helps students, veterans, anything that will help out the community, and seems like it would be a good thing we like to support that," added Hiener, underlining the Elks Lodge's commitment to community welfare.

Mentor Cailin Fairbrother, who has been volunteering for the Music Mentoring Program for about a decade, shared her heartfelt perspective on the program: "I have been volunteering for the Music Mentoring Program for about a decade now and am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to be part of this program." Fairbrother emphasized the inclusive and accessible nature of the program, highlighting the joy in witnessing the growth of students over time.

"As a mentor, my role is not only to teach music but to encourage creativity, cooperation, and problem-solving. And most importantly, we have fun!" Fairbrother expressed, shedding light on the holistic approach of the Music Mentoring Program.

Paula Whitford, representing the School Committee and SKSD, extended gratitude for the Elks Lodge's support: "The School committee and the SKSD would like to thank the group for supporting our students and our district's music program. We are all very grateful and appreciative of this donation for our music mentoring program at BRMS, where music is everything to many."

Broad Rock Middle School remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote education, the arts, and cultural enrichment within the South Kingstown community. The Music Mentoring Project stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when the community comes together to invest in the future of its young musicians, ensuring that the melody of education continues to resonate through the halls of Broad Rock Middle School.