Social Studies


BRMS Grade 6 

Social Studies

Teacher: Ashley Weeks   Email: [email protected]


  • The purpose of this class is for all students to develop a deep understanding related to the world around them.

  • The objectives included in this class deal with history, geography, economics, civics and culture from a diverse, global perspective.

  • Units of study include the Social Studies Standards, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

  • Students engage in projects and activities that require them to apply social studies skills in real-world contexts.

  • This course is aligned with:

    • South Kingstown Social Studies Curriculum

    • National Social Studies Standards

    • Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations for Civics & Government and Historical Perspectives 

GRADING: One letter grade per quarter (A,B,C,D,F) based on the following:

           Quizzes           Tests            Projects            Written Responses           

  • For projects, students and teachers will use rubrics, criteria sheets, and/or checklists to guide and assess performance as compared to the standards.  


  • Students are expected to come to class prepared to learn.  This includes having a pencil, 

2 pocket folder, computer, planner and a positive, respectful attitude.

  • Students are expected to respect themselves and others.  

  • Students are expected to participate in class discussions and activities.

  • I expect all of my students to succeed and will do what it takes to help achieve this.


World Explorer Textbook Series

  • Latin America

  • Africa

  • Asia

  • Technology including Google platform

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Working together, we can ensure the success of your student.