Broad Rock Students Change the World

Broad Rock ICan Assembly
Posted on 12/31/2022
Broad Rock ICan AssemblyThe ICan food drive took place at Broad Rock Middle School on December 7th, and students donated hundreds of food items to the Jonnycake Center here in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Jennifer Collins, the school’s Music Director, organized the event and coordinated with hip-hop artists Colby and Awu, who gave the school a shoutout after learning about Ms. Collins’ use of their music video “Change the World” at the assembly. 

Students were asked to bring in one food item and were surprised when told they would travel across the stage and leave their one food item on the stands. The students quickly realized that donating one item each adds up. Ms. Collins emphasized that “the assembly ties in with the Kingian principle 2: The Peaceful Community is the goal for the future. The items represent one act of kindness; it can add up to a lot.” 

Since 2016 Broad Rock Middle School has donated 2,658 pounds of food, not including this year's donations. That is over one ton of food donated to the community! The school even managed to hold the food drive during the difficult years of COVID closures. Students and staff were excited to be back in person this year! 

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