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The Visual Art and Design program at Broad Rock Middle School is designed to foster creativity and build on every students unique artistic ability.  I believe that talent in art is not something given to a child but rather developed with hard work and dedication.  Skills in art build on math concepts and reading skills in many ways.  See the curriculum below for more information.

We will also be using a sketchbook throughout the school year.  We will be making these books in class.  When students arrive to art class, they will begin by drawing the prompt on the board in their sketchbook.  This idea is very open-ended making any response the correct response!

5th Grade
Visual Storytelling
Students will learn how art can tell a story through painting
Creative Ceramic Vessels
Students will create a ceramic vessel (container) that either altered through added pattern, sculptural details or interesting painting on the surface.
6th Grade
Students will create projects based on Portraiture, African mask-making, Personal Symbol Design and Personal writing reflections to relate to the theme of identity

Art Matters!
Click the links below for some valuable insight into the importance arts in public schools

"Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up"
~ Pablo Picasso