English-Lang. Arts

Emerald Team
  • The purpose of this course is to develop and strengthen reading, writing, speaking, thinking, and listening skills
  • Grading/Assessment (one letter grade per quarter: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-)
*Reading Logs                   
*reading assignments/projects                    * completion of homework
*writing assignments/projects                     * oral reports and presentations
*reading responses                                           * participation in small group and whole class
                                                                                     discussions and activities

  • For projects, students and teachers will use rubrics, criteria sheets, and checklists to guide and assess performance as compared to the standards. Students may resubmit an improved project within the timeframe set by the teachers.
  • Revisions on all writing assignments encouraged when necessary
  • A parent/guardian signature will be required for any test score below 70%.

Classroom Expectations

        Tools:  Students should come to the class each day with the following:
  • A pencil and a pen (blue or black ink only!)
  • Completed homework
  • Books and/or other materials assigned
  • Students will follow all school rules
  • Students will encourage their peers in the learning process
  • Students will put forth their best effort at all times