Welcome to the Emerald Team Webpage
            Welcome to the Emerald Team! We are excited about the opportunity to work with you and your students. We are looking forward to a happy and productive 2017 - 2018 school year!

Mrs. Barrett-Math (mbarrett@sksd-ri.net)
Mrs.Discuillo - English Language Arts (kdiscuillo@sksd-ri.net)
Mrs. Prendergast - Social Studies (jprendergast@sksd-ri.net)
Ms. Quimby - Science (rquimby@sksd-ri.net)
Mrs. Preil - Resource (kpreil@sksd-ri.net)
Mrs. Hedman- Guidance Counselor (lhedman@skschools.net) 360-1828

Dear Parents/Guardians,
        Welcome to the Broad Rock Middle School on the team that  we call  the Emeralds. Because we attend Broad "Rock" Middle School, the teachers here have chosen team names that identify us with some of the world's special "rocks". We chose these names because we believe that like all precious gems and jewels, our children are beautiful and unique and that they grow more and more valuable every day.
        The Emerald team teachers meet regularly and work together to develop common policies, procedures, and expectations that we hope will ease your student's transition from elementary school to middle school. We have tried to create an environment in which each student can reach his/her potential as a successful learner.

School Supplies

We have an amazing journey ahead of us, but we will need to be equipped for the experience with a few supplies. If you cannot provide these for your child, please contact any team teacher, and we will solve the problem together.


1 subject spiral notebook or graph composition notebook with reinforced binding

1 pocket folder


pencil sharpener

2 composition books
2 pocket folders any color
pencils and sharpener
earbuds or headphones (optional


2-subject spiral notebook

pocket folder


sticky notes

Social Studies
1 pocket folder
earbuds or headphones (optional)

Some Information about our team

             As a team, we have worked together to develop policies, procedures, and expectations that we hope will ease your student's transition from the 5th-grade into the 6th-grade middle school model. It is our goal to create an environment in which each student can reach his/her potential as a successful learner.

        We believe that communication between school and home is paramount to student success, because of this belief we encourage you to contact us with any concerns/questions you may have.  Our students are expected to utilize their planners to help them stay on top of their responsibilities. The team also updates our school website with important information.  You may also keep track of your child's progress by visiting  SKYWARD.  

        LorenHedman, the 6thgrade counselor, is also a great asset to our team. We meet with her regularly to discuss the concerns/needs of our students. You may contact her at any time.

 Important Team Policies:
  • Late work may result in a lower grade
  •  Homework is expected to be handed in on the date it is due
  •  It is the responsibility of the students to make arrangements with teachers to make up missed work
  • If a student receives a behavioral discipline slip 1 week before a field trip, they will not be allowed to attend the trip

You will find the school policies and procedures in the front pages of your child's planner.

Please review the BRMS Code of Behavior found in the student planner.

 Our school's PBIS theme/focus is ROCKS:     Respectful - On task - Cooperative - Kind - Safe
  • Positive behavior is acknowledged with Coyote Coupons  that can be exchanged for a reward.
  • Negative behavior results in a Discipline Referral which must be signed by a parent/guardian and may carry additional consequences
        We feel that homework is an important part of your child's education. One benefit is that it provides opportunities for students to review and practice the skills and content covered in school. Another benefit is that as students learn to organize their time and materials, they develop important study skills and learning behaviors that should become lifelong habits. 

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns you have. 

Emerald Team Teachers