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Sixth grade students at Broad Rock Middle School will utilize three inquiry-based GEMS-NET kits as well as two teacher-created units of study.  It is the goal of GEMS-NET to prepare students to be scientifically literate which will enable them the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a complex and changing society.  Additional units of study are taught to support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  

Units of Study:

Ecosystems is a GEMS-NET based kit.  Students will learn about how organisms are linked to one another and their natural environment by constructing, observing, discussing, and reading about ecosystems.

Magnets and Motors is a GEMS-NET based kit.  Students explore systems, organization, form and function through their investigations of electric motors.  These investigations encourage students to develop an appreciation for technology.  The processes of technological design are addressed as students build and test a working generator.  Physical science concepts include motion and forces and transfer of energy.  This unit mirrors the historical development of our understanding and use of magnetism, electricity and electromagnetism and progresses through these phenomena in the same order that people discovered them - magnets and compasses, electricity from batteries, and electromagnetism.

Weather and Water is also a GEMS-NET based kit.

        Following directions (written and oral)
        Lab techniques (proper use of equipment, reading instruments, data collection, and analysis)
  • Conducting investigations following the scientific method
  • Writing in Science
  • Assessment:  The following types of assessment will be used to provide evidence of student learning and growth.  
  • Tests/quizzes                   
  • Homework
  • Science lab work                        
  • Science writing
  • Projects/presentations          
  • Participation in classroom activities
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  • Thank you
  • Mrs. Dube