English-Lang. Arts

Sapphire Team
Teachers: Ms. Angela Christina  achristina@sksd-ri.net  & Mrs. Kate Preil kpreil@sksd-ri.net  

Reading and Writing Workshop

This year in 6th grade, students will continue with the reading and writing workshops.  Students are familiar with the workshop format from 5th grade. For both reading and writing, each class period will begin with a mini lesson. Students will then have time to read, write, talk to a partner, work in a group, and/or conference with a teacher. At the end of each class, all students will come together, as a whole group, to share their learning experiences.

Reading Workshop

Students will self-select books, with help if needed, at their own level. (We call these “Just Right” books.) Depending on the unit, students may be assigned specific books for book clubs where they can read with a group.

  • Readers’ Notebook
  • Home Reading Log
  • Students need to read a minimum of 20 minutes 6 days per week. This adds up to 2 hours. Students have the flexibility to read when it is convenient for them and their families.
  • For every 20 minutes, students need to write 2-3 sentences about what they read on their reading log.
  • In school Reading Log
  • Students will record reading done in school.
  • At times, ELA will allow time for reading.
  • Once or twice per week IB will be silent reading time.
**There will also be assigned entries based on mini lessons.

Writing Workshop

Our focus this year will be on literary, narrative, and informational writing.

  • Writers’ notebooks
  • In an attempt to have students think and act like writers, they will keep a notebook of their informal writing.

How Can You Support Your Student and The Sapphires?
  • Reading with your child and having him/her see you reading is ideal. Also, talk to your student about the books s/he is reading.
Please understand that it is imperative that students keep their books in the condition that they received them in and return them as soon as they are done, as others may be waiting for that particular text. Students will be required to pay for or replace lost or destroyed books.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at achristina@sksd-ri.net and I’d be happy to try to answer them for you.