Welcome to the Rubies Team at BRMS!

9242009_102253_5.jpgWe would like to welcome you to our team!

Your core team of teachers consists of:

Pamela Harrington ( , Math  
Nate Coolidge, Science ( , Science    
Carolyn Kennedy ( , ELA
Ashley Weeks ( , Social Studies
Kathy Tonelli ( , Resource


Welcome to the Rubies Team 
at BRMS!

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

We would like to welcome you to our team! Your core team of teachers consists of:

Science: Mr. Coolidge
Social Studies: Ms. Weeks

Math: Mrs. Harrington
ELA: Mrs. Kennedy

Resource: Mrs. Tonelli
Guidance: Ms. Hedman

Check schedules for the names of the Unified Arts, Physical Education and Health teachers.

About the Planner: The planner that your child received on the first day of school will be used daily to record homework assignments. Students are required to copy the homework from the board upon entering each class. This valuable habit is taught and reinforced throughout the year. Most homework information is also available on the Rubies team link at the BRMS website At times the homework on the web site may not be accurate as education is a fluid process and changes occur daily as students work on the new material in each class. Therefore, the homework listed in your child’s planner is the most accurate record of the work to be completed.

A good way to stay informed is to check the planner daily. Brief notes may be written in the planner between the core subject teachers and parents as needed. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the teacher and parents if a note is written in the planner.

It is your child’s responsibility to have the planner at all times.  The first planner is provided free of charge. A replacement planner must be purchased if a student loses the first planner. It is expected that all pages will remain in the planner until the end of the year.

Homework: Access homework at Select BRMS, then the Rubies team and Homework page.

Grades: Access grades on-line through Skyward.

Absences: Please email your teachers when you are absent. It is the responsibility of the student and or parent to obtain missed work while absent. Below is a list of your core teachers. If any paper work is assigned, it can be picked up in the main office at the end of the day. Otherwise, work will be on google classroom.

ELA-                          Math-

Science-                     Social Studies-


Due: Friday, September 7, 2018 (or earlier)

  • Return the “Getting to Know You” form to Ms. Weeks – social studies teacher.

(Students: Answer questions;  Parents: Fill out information box and response on the back of the sheet.)

  • Bring in a recent photo of yourself to your homeroom teacher. (Photo-no larger than 4x6 of student only)

  • Read the planner pages with parents and have everyone sign the appropriate page(s). 

Parents: We welcome your involvement! Let us know if you have any suggestions or areas of expertise you’d like to share with us. We are looking forward to an exciting and challenging year!


Supplies to be used in all classes DUE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th:

One zippered pencil case (please do not purchase plastic boxes) containing:
      Box #2 Pencils with erasers
      2 Black, 2 Blue and 2 Red Pens
      1 box of colored pencils 
      1 package of whiteboard markers  (math warm-ups and science)
      1 block eraser made of gum or polymer to avoid ripping the paper while erasing
      1 package of multi-colored highlighters
      EAR BUDS in zip lock bag with name on it

In addition, supplies for each of the core subjects are as follows:
    1" BLACK 3 ring binder with a package of loose leaf paper (Math)
    2 packages of 3" multi post-its (ELA and Science)
    4 black and white composition book (ELA and 3 for Science)
    3 pocket folders (Science,Social Studies and ELA)

    Independent reading book (All classes but especially ELA)